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Noodle machine rms

New Product
Noodle Machine  RMS

Hakata Ramen, with its very low moisture content and firm texture, can also be made easily at a restaurant with its compact design. Equipped with safety features, automatic functions and easy touch panel navigation, you can make your own original flavorful texture noodle.

Come test the noodle machine yourself at our test kitchen!



Our products are the only items on the market of their kind. Each of our product lines are engineered by the delicate and precise hands of known experts who have been in their respective industries for decades.

  We are confident of the quality and design of our products, and we encourage you to educate yourself when searching for good quality equipment similar to ours. Compare our products. Ask us questions. If you find a comparable product to one of ours, give us a call to ask us questions to clarify the differences.

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We handle a lot of our original equipment specialized in ramen, and we are also the only company in the United States that can support store designing, ramen recipe making, store operations using that equipment.

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