Project Consultant &

High Pressure Vessel Coordinator


I learned the basics of ramen preparation under the founder of Santouka Ramen at the main branch located in Asahikawa (Hokkaido, Japan) during my early days as a Ramen apprentice. A few years later, I took part in establishing Santouka Ramen restaurants in America, with locations including Costa Mesa, Torrance, New Jersey, Santa Monica and San Diego.

After leaving Santouka, I managed new restaurant openings and product development for Ramen Yamadaya and Orange Tei. I continued to grow my knowledge and experience in both the ramen making techniques and business side of the restaurant industry by branching out to various types of stores in the United States, from small stores to large stores, roadside stores, food courts, etc., serving over 1,000 meals a day. The diversity of my journey gave me the understanding of the food industry to reduce labor costs, utility costs and food costs, while improving the working environment. 

Now, with our pressure vessel, what was once a common belief that restaurants need a harsh environment to have quality products will be completely changed. As a new era ramen coordinator, I have introduced various types of broth, such as Chintan (clear broth) and Paitan (white broth) experimenting with pork, chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables using our pressure vessel, greatly reducing costs of labor, ingredients, and utilities, while improving quality and work environment even more than before.


With over 15 years of living and working in the U.S, I can advise you from the planning stages to opening a restaurant and review for improvement. I can help you develop and revamp your menu, as well as managing your business and employees. Let me help you make your business a success.

Aki Koashi P&V Planning
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Project Consultant &

High Pressure Vessel Coordinator


I was born in Hayama a small town right by the ocean just like Santa Monica in 1955.

During my younger years, I've worked at ramen restaurants in Tokyo for a few years and came to the US when I was 23.  I played American football and wrestling in college, but after I injured my knee, I quit school and started working for a meat packing company and wholesale food company.

I finally found my "Tenshoku" 天職 (god given job) as Ramen chef when I met Aki-san at Yamadaya in Torrance. He taught me the basic principles of Ramen including Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Miso, etc.

With the knowledge of making ramen, I had the opportunity to work in NYC with ramen shops, and then in 2013, I started a pop-up ramen shop, Benkei Ramen, inside Ushiwaka Maru which operated late night from midnight to 4am.

Having success with a packed restaurant with ramen lovers, restaurant workers, and even famous restaurant chefs, some investors and restaurant owners approached me to help them improve their business. I helped many restaurants with their ramen business in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I now work again with Aki-san as a high pressure vessel coordinator to continue helping ramen restaurants.

Shige Ito P&V Planning
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Project Consultant &

High Pressure Vessel Coordinator


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 Ciao tutti! People call me Masa. I’ve been a chef for over 25 years, specializing in Italian cuisine. I lived in Piedmont, Italy for 10 years from 2001 - 2010 working as head chef at Osteria del Boccondivino, a restaurant listed on the Michelin Guide and also where the Slow Food movement began. During my years at Boccondivino, I met and cultivated many relationships, one of them the creators of Eataly which led me to working Eataly Japan. I managed the deli department and led the kitchen as head chef in the Osteria simultaneously.


 In 2014, I got married and started our life in Los Angeles, California and started working at a sushi restaurant where I furthered my skills working with fresh fish. I managed 4 stores and over 100 staff members. In 2017, I was one of the startup Sous Chefs for the first Eataly on the West Coast where I had the honor of working with John Beard Award winner and owner of two highly coveted Michelin Star restaurant, Chef Michael Cimarusti. We served over 300 people a day with a menu over 50 dishes and held events with wine paired courses. In 2019, to further my expertise in fine Italian cuisine, I became Sous Chef at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura where I acquired multiple high-level techniques and gastronomical cooking. Each dish was intricately made with only the best freshest ingredients served with Gucci tableware on the rooftop of the Beverly Hills boutique.


 In 2021, I joined J.C.uni-tec because I found the marvelous and unique High-pressure vessel. I believe that the vessel can change the future of the culinary world, utilizing high pressure (60psi!) that no one has reached. As Mr. Hasegawa told me, “This is worth risking my life for."


Pasta is my specialty- I have made countless dishes from simple cacio e pepe to carbonara and vongole. What makes a pasta unique is of course the pasta but also the sauce. With the high-pressure vessel, it is possible to make the base broth that usually takes days in just hours and in large batches. Also, with the noodle machine, you can make fresh raw pasta instantly and have the taste of handmade pasta.

 Other dishes include Brasato, Tagliatelle con lobster. My cooking is unique because it incorporates authentic Italian technique and style and I offer a range of traditional dishes to fine dining. With my background in multiple Italian and sushi restaurants, my services include consultation in restaurant startups, seasonal and all year-round menu making, events, wine tastings, cheese pairings, inventory control, soup/stock making, pasta and noodle making in Italian, Japanese and American styles.