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After numerous experiments and improvements, we have completed our perfect unit! 
Experience the benefits of our product!

Noodle Maker

From a multi-functional and compact design machine to a full production line, we customize to your needs.

Multi Boil

Anyone can cook noodles the same way, every time. With a timed system and a constantly flowing water bath, noodles can be cooked efficiently and thoroughly.

High Performance Mixer

Sanuki Menki High performance mixers.

ReCella Liquid Freezer

Liquid Freezer

Instantly freezes to preserve food on a cellular level

Auto Noodle Vacuum Dryer

Quickly dry noodles that have just been removed from boiling water. Automates the process into seconds while keeping the floor clean.

Gyoza Hot Plates

Low cost , yet loaded with convenient features and functions

2.21.20 gyoza maker 2.JPG


Gyoza Robo DX-2000G is easy to operate, easy to clean, and can make 1000-2000 pieces per hour.

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