After numerous experiments and improvements, we have completed our perfect unit! 
Experience the benefits of our product!

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Gyoza Robo DX-2000G is easy to operate, easy to clean, and can make 1000-2000 pieces per hour.


Quickly dry noodles that have just been removed from boiling water. Automates the process into seconds while keeping the floor clean.

Auto Noodle Vacuum Dryer

Multi-functional and compact desingn easy operation. 

Noodle Maker

ReCella Liquid Freezer

Instantly freezes to preserve food on a cellular level

Liquid Freezer

Anyone can cook noodles the same way,every time. With a timed system and a constantly flowing water bath , noodles can be cooked immediately and thoroughly.

Multi Boil

Low cost , yet loaded with convenient features and functions

Gyoza Hot Plates

Sanuki Menki High performance mixers.

High Performance Mixer