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Multi Boil

Anyone can cook perfect noodles all the time!

If your restaurant serves noodle dishes, this is what you need. Expect perfect results every time when cooking spaghetti, udon, ramen, pho and all other types of pasta and noodles at a rapid speed.


Easy operation. Just put noodle in a basket. Push it down into the cooking tank and press the start button. There are six baskets and they work independently. Unit features: all stainless cooking tank (SUS316); high temperature jet nozzles; digital timer; constant supply of clean hot water of up to 167F degrees (75C) at 1.4 liters per minute. (IAPMO certified)


Multi-Boil is a reliable machine with over 10 years of improvements and modifications and over 1,000 installations in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and USA.

Energy Efficiency 

System features proprietary double heat design in which exhaust heat from the cooking tank burner is used to heat the hot water supply tank. The bottom of the cooking tank is corrugated for maximum heat transfer.


Equipped with automatic gas valve shutoff for safety when gas flames go out or when the tank is devoid of water.

Udon, Ramen, Pho and All other types of pasta and Noodles

Auto Lift

Basket automatically rises when the timer designated cooking time has elapsed.

Digital Timer

Each basket is independently controlled by an accurate and easy-to-operate digital timer. Cooking time can be set up to 99 minutes 59 seconds.

Product Functions & Features 

Automatic cooking using digital timer.

Multi Boil is equipped with 6 cooking stations (each consists of basket, lift, jet nozzle, etc.), and each station has its independent digital timer. You can set the timer according to the desired cooking result (firm, soft, etc.). When the set time has elapsed, the basket rises out of the water and the beeper lets you know the cooking is done. This sets you free to do other things without worrying about overcooking.

Continuous clean water replenishing.

Built-in hot water supply tank continuously adds hot water (about 75C) into the cooking tank keeping the cooking water clean and fresh. This supply tank is heated with exhaust heat from the main burner, and the water temperature is generally kept at around 75C depending on the ambient temperature and the rate of water being supplied to the tank.

High-temperature jet nozzles.

Under each basket, a jet nozzle is equipped, which spews out hot water upward. This helps each noodle strand cooks evenly and prevents them from tangling together. Noodle cooked this way retains desirable firmness and tastes delicious.

Clean cooking water all the time.

As fresh water is added to the cooking tank, excess water along with noodle scraps, excess flour, bubbles, etc. are drained out over the edges of the tank through the overflow skimmer keeping the cooking water cleaner and fresher. You can also replace the whole tank-full of water with the water in the supply tank in one maneuver without disrupting the cooking operation. However, continuous and gradual replacement of cooking water is recommended.

Externals size

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Width x Depth x Height (in): 600mm(23.6in) x 750mm(29.5in) x 850mm(33.5in)

  • Weight (lb): 117Kg (258lb)

  • Installation: Exhaust Type: Indoor: Open Air

  • Ignition: AC120V Continuous Sparks (Direct Ignition)

  • Gas Connection: Natural Gas 13A :66569.3 BTU/h (19.5kW/h) / LP Gas : 66569.3 BTU/h (19.5kW/h)

  • Power: AC 120V (60hz)

  • Power Consumption: AC120V 60Hz 91W

  • Power Input: Single Phase 120V with Safety Ground

  • Gas Consumption: 1/2in Nipple Stop

  • Water Inlet Connection: 1/2in Nipple Stop

  • Drain Connection: 25A / Drain: 1"

  • Safety Device: Flame Out : Flame Rod / Empty Cooking : Thermostat

  • Basket Elevator: 6 stations (3x2)

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