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High Performance Mixer

Vacuum Press Kneader series

There are several sizes for Vacuum Press Kneader

Moisture content % : 48-63%

  • Mixing Blade on both Sides of Mixing Drum

  • Ideal Gluten Formation

  • Kneaded in Vacuum,mixture forms into clump of dough

  • Shorter Aging Time

Multi Kneader series

Moisture content % : 26-63%

  • Industrys first multipurpose Mixer

  • Patented Surprising Mixer!

  • Hydration of dough is distinguishable!

Super Mix SS series

Moisture content % : 26-47%

  • Mixing Bars Project from Center Shaft

  • Low Water- Ration Dough for Ramen

  • Ideal for Low Water-Ration Noodles Such as Ramen,Pasta,Soba

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