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Gyoza Hot Plates


Boiling, Steaming, Grilling

Japanese Nambu ironware is an extremely popular type of material valued for both its physical and aesthetic properties.  When used in cookware, it is know to be extremely durable and has excellent heat retention capabilities.  This makes it the perfect grilling material for gyoza by ensuring each piece is thoroughly cooked and perfectly browned on the surface.

Features of the gyoza hot plates

  • Even heating and efficient heat retention ensures thorough cooking and crispy, browned gyoza skin.

  • Plate divider allows the preparation of one serving while retaining the appropriate water depth.

  • Adjustable timer allows customizable cooking times.

  • Simple operation that utilizes set cooking temperatures for cooking consistency

  • Electric heater used for safe, clean, and economical operation.

  • No additional heat generated by a gas burner which results in a lower ambient temperature and less air conditioning costs.​


1 Plate Divider

Removable cover for easy cleaning

(with the cover opened: H750-760mm)


2 Plate Divider
Removable cover for easy cleaning

(with the cover opened: H750-760mm)

2 Servings

4 Servings

Convenient Plate Divider

Water dam with water depth indicator

Easy to Use

Cooking steps:

  1. Set thermostat

  2. Wait until temperature rises to the set point

  3. Oil plate, then place dumplings

  4. Add hot water up to the edges of the dumplings

  5. Set the timer and wait until the alarm goes off

  6. Add oil and remove dumplings

  7. (For detailed instructions, visit us on the web or refer to the instruction manual.)

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