Soba is very nutritious because it grinds without refining unlike udon or rice

Soba is very nutritious because it grinds without refining unlike udon or rice


Rice and wheat use only the endosperm after removing the embryo, but in buckwheat, the endosperm cannot be removed because the nutrient-rich embryo is at the center of the fruit.


In addition, buckwheat noodles made without purification are rich in nutrition because the cuticles under the skin are also rich in nutrition.

   Protein content


  • Protein is over 30% more than milled/polished rice

  • Proteins include soybean products such as animal protein meat and fish, and vegetable protein tofu, but buckwheat also contains vegetable protein.

  • The amount of protein is almost comparable to that of milk.

  • In addition, the protein is very good quality and rich in essential amino acids.

Also, it is water soluble and easily digested. Soba noodles made with 100% buckwheat flour are good for digestion and can be eaten without straining the stomach.


Essential amino acids cannot be made in the body and need to be ingested from food, and buckwheat can provide essential amino acids such as lysine which is essential for body growth and arginine which is a source of stamina.

Buckwheat starch content


The starch contained in buckwheat can be easily digested and absorbed by heating for a short time, and it also becomes an energy source.


Furthermore, the potential as an anticancer agent is also found. In the cancer patient's body, a large amount of nutrition is required for cancer cells to grow indefinitely. To supply the nutrition, cancer cells create new blood vessels around them, but rutin seems to have the effect of preventing cancer cells from creating new blood vessels


It has also been found that by changing part of the structure of rutin, the effect changes significantly. Therefore, it is hoped that further research will be able to develop an anticancer drug that will effectively kill cancer cells with rutin as the basic structure, and verification of its effectiveness has been continued.


Izumo Soba

Izumo, Japan

One of the attractions for tourists in Izumo is the Izumo soba, noodles made from fresh buckwheat flour, served with a delicious soup.


Popular summer noodle dish

Basic chilled soba noodles served on a flat basket or a plate. A summer dish, it’s one of the more popular ways that soba noodles are eaten in Japan.

Soba Sushi

Sushi rolled soba with egg, crab and cucumber.  A good source of protein, B vitamins and minerals.


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