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Shuji Fukuyama

Shuji Fukuyama was born in 1981. His motto is to create a large number of limited ramen and create the next generation special menu. Above all, one of his signature menu dishes is "Mixed Soba", an item that tells a story of his uniqueness.

After studying at a prestigious institute that produces many ramen craftsmen, he opened a Japanese-style restaurant in March 2014. Floating yuzu espuma on white chicken broth was the topic of innovation and had formed a 2-hour line of customers waiting outside his shop.

It is not uncommon for ramen shop owners to travel a long distance to eat at his establishment, a restaurant that was responsible for the “foam” movement. From 2015 to 2019, he has opened ramen shops one after another with various concepts, and he continues to propose new innovative menus.

His disciples have also become shop owners. One disciple, Mr. Oshitani, opened his own Chinese soba noodle shop in Nara which has produced a line of customers.

Profile Details

  • In March 2014, Fukuyama opened Fukuryu-Ramen Wadachi in Osaka, and opening day was a great success with a line of customers waiting two hours outside his shop for the doors to open.

  • The creative “Fukuryu Ramen”, which introduced the yuzu espuma on white chicken broth, became a hot topic, and famous Ramen shop owners from other prefectures have come to eat there as well.

  • Furthermore, by creating a foamy broth through blending, he is dubbed as the pioneer of the awa (foam) ramen genre.




Fukuryu Ramen’s creations of foamy espuma broths have become the topic of originality, and renowned ramen shop owners travel long distances to eat there.  He is dubbed as a pioneer for the genre of the foam ramen movement.

Spicy Ramen

Fukuyama is famous for making variations of ramen. He has made over 200 types of ramen with a variety of ingredients. Cooking is regarded as science, and he triumphs at combining tastes from a variety of ingredients to create the flavors of umami.

JPC-2424V (ASME certified) makes a variety of menus and dishes.

Ctrip Gourmet List and Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand

In 2017, Fukuyama was honored with the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand, and in the following year, his Honmachi shop was chosen as a local favorite on the Ctrip gourmet list by China's largest travel company.


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