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Auto Noodle Vacuum Dryer

JRT Vacuum Dryer cleanly sucks up water clinging to noodles. You can enjoy better texture of noodles as well as delicacy of flavorful soup.  This is the key point for your noodle business. Also, you don’t have to deal with complaints of wrist and physical strains, and there's no more mess on the sink and floor. Just put Tebo basket into the noodle canister,  then the contact magnet switch kicks in power.   You can adjust the operating time between 1 to 5 seconds with the dial timer. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. It always keeps the best quality and condition for your noodle cooking.  JRT vacuum noodle dryer can help to raise the quality of your noodle business to the next level.

Semi-automatic noodle boiler & Vacuum noodle dryer is the best combination for your noodle business.


Tebo Canister

Vacuum Compartment

Washable filter

Electric Tsumakiri

Quick and Easy!

The Electric Tsumakiri is an exceptional garnish maker.  It produces strands of sliced vegetables quickly and with a beautiful, crisp sheen. The unit can easily disassemble for cleaning and changing of cutting adaptors.   The motor can be removed from the chassis so the blade bench and arm can be completely and thoroughly cleaned after every cooking session.

Easy Blade Cleaning & Replacement

Vegetable Strainer [JC-12]

The commercial vegetable strainer helps remove water from freshly washed and prepared vegetables.  One batch holds about 5kg of cut vegetables.

Model #: JC-12

Collander Size: Ф250 x H310 (mm)

Capacity: 12L

Height: 810mm

Weight: 17.5kg

Strainer Net [JC-12-N]

Model #: JC-12-N

Material: Nylon

Product Dimension: W460 x L750 (mm)

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