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High Pressure Vessel

The only one ASME certified high pressure vessel with patented safety cap assembly

2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Remarkably Reduce Expenses!

After numerous experiments and improvements, we have reliably completed our perfect unit! 
Experience our merits and results!

  • Cost reduction

  • Safety function

  • Easy to clean

2 capacities to choose from according to the size of your restaurant and kitchen!

  • High pressure cooking and less time means you'll save cost on energy, personnel and materials!

  • Soup is cooked in 1 hour!

  • Easy maintenance!

  • No foul odor while cooking!


2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Capacity: 26Gal (97.5L)

Diameter: 20.0”(500mm)

Height: 33.0”(838.2mm) 

Weight: 95.0Lbs(43.0kg)


2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Capacity: 53Gal (198.7L)

Diameter: 24.0”(600mm)

Height: 43.0”(1092.2mm) 

Weight: 195.0Lbs(88.5kg)

Reduce costs about $40,000 a year

2.21.20 web chart.JPG

Cost calculation model based on sales of 300 bowls of ramen a day.

7 Special Features

The revolutionary High Pressure Vessel that defies tradition

2.21.20 HPV 7 features.JPG
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