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High Pressure Vessel

The only one ASME certified high pressure vessel with patented safety cap assembly

2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Remarkably Reduce Expenses!

After numerous experiments and improvements, we have reliably completed our perfect unit! 
Experience our merits and results!

  • Cost reduction

  • Safety function

  • Easy to clean

2 capacities to choose from according to the size of your restaurant and kitchen!

  • High pressure cooking and less time means you'll save cost on energy, personnel and materials!

  • Soup is cooked in 1 hour!

  • Easy maintenance!

  • No foul odor while cooking!


2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Capacity: 26Gal (97.5L)

Diameter: 20.0”(500mm)

Height: 33.0”(838.2mm) 

Weight: 95.0Lbs(43.0kg)


2.21.20 HPV stove.png

Capacity: 53Gal (198.7L)

Diameter: 24.0”(600mm)

Height: 43.0”(1092.2mm) 

Weight: 195.0Lbs(88.5kg)

Reduce costs about $40,000 a year

2.21.20 web chart.JPG

Cost calculation model based on sales of 300 bowls of ramen a day.

6 Special Features

The revolutionary High Pressure Vessel that overrules the common cookware

1. Safety

Reliably designed pressure cooker made with safety in mind.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • The revolutionary JPC High Pressure Vessel series is ASME* certified and incorporates a patented safety cap assembly system.

  • The patented safety cap assembly prevents clogging of the vent, thus preventing explosions caused by a clogged vent.

  • With 3 times the strength of aluminum, the stainless steel structure has easy maintenance.

  • After the product is delivered, the manufacturer’s exclusive coordinator will travel to the destination site and give instructions on how to use the product, so even a beginner can confidently operate the unit.

​​*ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) is an American standard certifying products, including our patented safety exhaust cap. In addition, ASME certification for high pressure vessels is considered a world standard.

2. Production

Large amounts of soup/broth can be produced at once.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • Soup is completed in the minimum 1 hour cooking time (not including time to heat up).

  • When using the same recipe, sealed pressure cooking has a high reproducibility rate (over 95%).

  • On-site work becomes simplified with a consistent systemization, making it easier to expand the business and open multiple restaurants.

  • The newly developed 180000 Btu jet burner and newly designed heat sleeve reduces cooking time.

  • With the JPC-2424, you can make up to 150 liters of hot soup at a time (over 400 cups of soup).

3. Working Condition

Improves working condition and cuts long labor hours.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • Since liquid can be released from the valve, there is no more bothersome labor of transporting soup.

  • Reduces the amount of garbage and personnel costs.

  • Greatly improves kitchen environment because livestock odor during high temperature pressure cooking is nearly eliminated.

4. Cost Reduction

Using the JPC High Pressure Vessel will help substantially reduce costs.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • By dramatically shortening cooking time, gas cost for cooking soup becomes less than 1/3 of the cost.

  • Personnel expenses can be substantially reduced since work such as stirring and filtering soup is eliminated.

  • Cooking for a shorter time can reduce air conditioning expenses for kitchens and inside restaurants.

  • High-pressure cooking extracts the umami flavor from the ingredients, so less bone can be used.

  • Since there is almost no moisture in the bone after cooking, the amount of waste can be reduced.

5. Maintenance

Previously troublesome maintenance can now be taken care of easily.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • 33 mm thick base structure makes scorching difficult.

  • Drainage nozzle at the base makes it easy to drain after washing.

  • Unlike aluminum, stainless steel is hygienic and leaves no residual or detergent odor.

6. Cooking Application

Cooking an abundant variety of food can now be accomplished.

2.21.20 HPV stove.png
  • Various cooking from vegetables to bones is possible with the 6-level pressure adjustment.**

  • Besides thick and clear soup, simmering grains and steamed cooking can also be accomplished.

  • Since it is difficult for uneven cooking and burning to occur, it can also be used as a slow cooker.

** Special orders are available upon request

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